The Amazing Bingo Card

These are amazing items you purchase online in the various bingo game rooms hoping that just one, or even may be a few of them contain that magical combination of numbers that will make you scream out loud bingo! Or for the conservative group amongst us, we let the software declare bingo for us in the virtual world of success.
Lets take a closer look at the bingo card which is basically a 6 by 5 matrix ( rows by columns). On the first row each column contains a letter:

Column one has the letter B
Column two has the letter I

Column three has the letter N

Column four has the letter G

Column five has the letter O
As we begin reading from left to right one notices that the word bingo is formed. I am getting excited just saying the word because it means great cash prizes or even more bonuses such as a progressive jackpot.
Well what about the other places left on the card? I hear you cry further.
It depends on the type of bingo you are playing. Let me explain further For example, if you are playing 75 Ball bingo then the rest of the card is filled with random numbers from 1 to 75, before I forget one amazing free gift from our online bingo authority is that the center square which is in the "N" column is a free square. What does that mean?
Before you even begin to play the bingo game of your choosing, your chances of winning are even more in your favor as you basically have one less number on your bingo card to worry about.
The object of 75 Ball Bingo is to match all the numbers in a specific pattern on one of your bingo cards. Random numbers are called out one at a time and shown on the call board. If you complete the pattern you have achieved bingo and will win a much deserved prize. To add to the excitement of bingo, you will also have a chance to win Progressive Jackpots!
Equally exciting is 90 Ball Bingo. As the name suggests, in 90 Ball Bingo there are 90 possible numbers that can be called in a game. Instead of bingo cards you play with bingo tickets. Each ticket has exactly 15 numbers randomly dispersed over 3 lines by 5 numbers per line. The object of the game is to complete a line, then 2 lines, then all 3 lines which is termed a full house on one of your Bingo tickets. Each line completed awards a prize to one or more winners. Now that you know the purpose of the bingo card we hope you have acquired more strategy when playing in the world of online bingo.


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